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Is your critical network infrastructure at risk of a security breach?


E3TEK provides an All-Hazard Mitigation Analysis™ (AHMA™) assessment service in which we scientifically analyze and provide phased mitigation solutions to improve the survivability and resiliency of an asset. E3TEK has conducted over 8,000 mitigation studies in over 32 countries.


E3TEK conducts a mitigation analysis of key critical infrastructure assets relative to their vulnerability to withstand specific natural and man-made threats. Each asset has unique findings and dependencies that determine mitigation strategies. 


E3TEK can streamline and greatly enhance the probability of a city or town to secure State and Federal funding grants by having a scientifically developed phase implementation strategy for compliance.






Designed with advanced patent-pending technologies immune to EMP -- providing the ultimate ability to maintain control of critical infrastructure when primary and emergency backup systems are powerless and failure is not an option.



Provides the ability to start & control critical infrastructure when emergency services are powerless.

Restores & Sustains:

  • Vital electrical systems

  • Data Centers

  • Emergency Responders Communications

  • Water pumping & distribution


E3TEK is the unique developer and provider of EMP proof control systems we call “Genesis”.

Our controls can be used to manage and operate virtually any type of equipment, power generation, facility or entire buildings.

E3TEK Genesis EMP Proof control systems were designed for critical operations where failure is not an option.



SCADA recovery

Ultra-High Security SCADA BackupControl System


  • Runs parallel to existing SCADA

  • Detects when primary SCADA has been compromised

  • Auto-Switchover

  • Auto-Restoration

  • EMP Hardened

  • Patent-Pending


E3TEK has used its extensive EMP expertise.


Vulnerabilities of traditional SCADA systems drove the need to develop an alternate means to keep critical equipment and processes operating at critical times.


Once compromised, rarely can traditional SCADA systems recover and resume normal operation. Often times, new software and even hardware must be manually restored to bring the systems back to operational mode. For these reasons, E3TEK created and Ultra-high Security, Emergency Backup EMP Proof SCADA Recovery Systems called SCADAR™.



SCADAR™ is designed to run parallel to existing SCADA systems. 

It detects when the primary SCADA has been compromised in any way. Once such a compromise is detected, it triggers and auto-switchover mode where SCADAR™ assumed control of the network.

SCADAR™ uses multiple communication links such as the Internet, cellular communications, and radio wave.

If SCADAR™ detects restoration of the primary traditional SCADA system it is protection is able to resume its normal function, it goes into an auto-restoration mode and hands off full control back to the original SCADA controller.

Patent-pending SCADAR™ is EMP hardened making it EMP proof for virtually any environment.




E3TEK’s hardened facilities can provide “Islanding” with a True Black Start™ capability.  This means E3TEK can provide a hardened structure integrated into your organization's infrastructure that can detect loss of normal power, disconnect your organization from the grid, and autonomously start in an emergency.  E3TEK’s True Black Start™ ensures all systems start even if battery power is lost.


E3TEK’s EMP hardened structures can offer complete Infrastructure restoration of:

  • Electricity

  • Water

  • Fuel

  • Sewer


Our build features include:

  • Automatic Disconnect from Normal Power

  • Ability to Black Start Multiple Generation Systems

  • Auto-switch Over to Different Long-Term Fuel Supplies

  • Duration Based Upon a Variety of Different Fuel Reserves


E3TEK can help your organization refine its needs and determine the best options to help fulfill its mission.


Safeguarding New or Existing Facilities

Prevent. Protect. Respond. Recover.

E3TEK can EMP Proof new or existing facilities to ensure their resiliency and ability to provide Continuity of Operations (COOP) during or after any hurricane, tornado, flood, or EMP/GMD event. 


E3TEK can help your organization refine its needs and determine the best options to help fulfill its mission.

  • New or existing facilities

  • Structural and/or EMP Hardening

  • Safe Rooms

  • Emergency Generation, Communication, Water & Fuel

  • True Black Start building capabilities



100 dBm Protection for Sensitive Electronics

Each EMP HARD Box™ is proprietary and a patent-pending design of E3TEK.  Years of EMP engineering expertise have gone into the design of our units to ensure they provide unmatched protection of your sensitive electronics and data.  They can be made to virtually any size and shape.


E3TEK’s commercial and military EMP HARD Box™ provides over 100 dBm of protection against:

  • Electromagnetic pulse (EMP)

  • Static Electricity / Lightning

  • Solar Corruption

  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

EMP Hardened

Light Tower

OPEN FRAME™ MIL Certified 
EMP Proof Light Tower
(Interfaces with E3TEK SCADAR™)

E3TEK has combined its EMP proof generator technology with a SkyStar™ lens to provide the only EMP proof light tower available on the market. 


Our light tower design illuminates approximately a 900ft diameter.  That is equivalent to three (3) football fields placed end-to-end. 


This means a single E3TEK Light Tower System can do the work of 2-3 traditional light towers, saving your organization fuel, maintenance, and overall ownership costs. 


Our light tower units incorporate E3TEK’s line of OPEN Frame™ MIL Certified EMP Proof Generators.  Our E3TEK EMP proof generator hardening technology and can be equipped with interfaces to E3TEK’s SCADAR™ - enabling our units to be securely controlled by your SCADA system.

  • All Systems Are EMP Protected

  • No Faraday Cage Required

  • Variety of sizes available

  • True Black Start (TBS) Capable options

EMP Hardened Pump

EMP Proof Water Pump
(Interfaces with E3TEK SCADAR™)

E3TEK Open Frame MIL Certified engine control technology can be mated to virtually any pump head required to provide the only true EMP Proof Hardened Pump system on the market.  Our EMP proof pumps can be equipped with E3TEK’s SCADAR™ interfaces - enabling them units to be securely controlled from your SCADA system.

  • All Systems Are EMP Protected

  • No Faraday Cage Required

  • Variety of sizes available

  • True Black Start (TBS) Capable options


OPEN FRAME™ MIL Certified 
EMP Proof 13kW Generator


Over 8 years of engineering and testing has gone into the development of E3TEK’s line of OPEN Frame™ MIL Certified EMP Proof Generators.

Our EMP proof generator design is available in small 10kW generators up through large megawatt sizes. 



Some of the key features of our EMP proof generators are:

  • All Systems Are EMP Protected

  • Interfaces with E3TEK SCADAR™

  • No Faraday Cage Required

  • Scalable Design to 200 Mega Watt

  • True Black Start (TBS) Capable


EMP Hardened Vehicles, Boats, UH-1 Helicopters

E3TEK has developed the EMP Mitigation technology to harden and certify all critical electronic components of virtually any type of vehicle and boats.

  • Complete Overhaul of all systems

  • EMP Hardened

  • MIL Tested and Certified

  • FAA Certified

  • True Black Start Starting Option


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