Our professional staff holds a variety of backgrounds in performing a wide array of R&D activities ranging from advanced Cyber Prevention and Protection Analytics to drone science.


We have extensive lab experience from incubation of ideas to Technical Readiness Level 5.


Our team has collaborated with Universities and worked in the semi-conductor development, border protection analysis, dual-fuel technology for vehicles, to scientific experiment designs for NASA Mars landings.


We have embarked in new control technologies to support Bio-Mass and utilization of less water and landfill advances. How we apply technology will play a central role in how we will meet environmental goals and mandates.

E3TEK's core capabilities are entrenched in understanding how to predict, prepare and mitigate when natural disasters take away power and critical resources.


Our extensive experience in Cyber and operational intelligence are unmatched to safeguard your staff and intellectual property.


E3TEK’s EMP Proof control systems are specially built to keep critical infrastructure operational when all forms of energy are lost due to natural or man-made threats, backup systems are rendered useless and failure is not an option


E3TEK provides consulting to your architectural designers and program management staff for installation of complete turn-key solutions. 


E3TEK's control technology has embedded roots with an environmental link to coexist with Bio-mass, wind and solar advancements. Our team recognizes that operators know the importance of dealing with real-time solutions.


We have control technologies to keep your buildings safe and hardened to ensure operational sustainability. This service is offered to industries and governments worldwide.



Experts in developing innovative & advanced science-based mitigation solutions to defend cyber-threat, natural & man-made disasters. 

advance sciences

E3TEK is the inventor of proprietary mitigation technology

  • Reliability, survivability & resiliency (RSR) technology to measure the readiness of critical assets in response to emergency impact on a facility

  • Cyber Threat Prevention

  • BIO-Mass | Gassification

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • CYBER SCADA Hardening

  • Water Pumping

  • Fuel Transmission

private sector

E3TEK unique expertise & patented technologies has assisted top Fortune 500 companies in some of the following industries:

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Defense

  • Consumer

  • Electronics

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Medical


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